How to reserve your kitten?

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– I would like to reserve my kitten now, which is the next step?

The first thing is to decide which exotic shorthair you like the most from the ones we have available on the website, it is updated regularly , so there is what we have at each moment. After, you place a down payment to reserve the kitten. You can do it by bank transfer or directly with us if you have to opportunity to visit us. We then fill in the reservation contract with all the details and conditions, which has to be signed by both parties.

From then on, we usually take pictures or videos periodically so you can follow the development of your kitten and you can keep them in their album. About 10 days before kitten is ready to hand over, the future owner must send the amount pending by bank transfer, or hand it in directly if you are coming to pick up the kitten.

In the case we have to send the kitten, we call a few days in advance to arrange the day of his arrival.

We deliver our kittens usually with pet nanny when travelling by air.

– I would like to put my name down for the waiting list for a litter, is this possible?

In the case you want to wait for a kitten from a particular mating, it is best to contact us telling us your full names and address, so we can put you in a waiting list for a particular mating. Once the kittens are born, we respect the order and call one by one, but it is really a first come first served basis.

– I would like to put a down payment for a future exotic shorthair / persian of a particular mating, is it possible?

We only accept down payments for the kittens that have been born, never beforhand.

– Does it have a sales contract?

Every cat has their sales contract with the corresponding details and information. It comes with health guaranties and conditions. On the conditions page, each point will cover the interests of both the buyer and the seller.

– Will I receive my pedigree?

Exotic shorthair / persians for pet : In this case the pedigree is sent when it has been neutered, (at about 4-5 months for the males, and 5-6 months for the females), and the official veterinary certificate is sent to us by email. In the conditions of the PET contract it is stated and both parties sign confirming their agreement. Most of the vets recommend sterilizing the females before the first time they come in season, it is an operation that consists of removing the ovaries to stop the growth of the womb. With this procedure, the risks for contracting mammary tumours are reduced in 98%.

Exotic shorthair / persians for breeding : In this case, we send the pedigree as soon as we receive it from our feline PZF / WCF, without any restrictions for neutering.

– Can I come to pick up my kitten?

We hand over the kittens when they three months old, after 2 times vaccined and de-worming. We offer to options: you can come and pick them up or we send it. But, we always prefer, if it is possible, for the future owner to come to collect them, so the journey to their new home is more enjoyable.

– Do you hand over the kitten vaccinated?

The kittens are ready to depart when they have had their second vaccine when they are 12 weeks old. We also de-worm them before the vaccine. We also hand over the vaccination record.